Council 12540 Receives Santa Maria and Star Awards

Summer 2016

Ted Shay (District Deputy) presented our council with the Santa Maria Award. This award is for completing all of the program requirements for the last fiscal year. There are 6 categories with 4 activities each that must be completed to earn the award. Congratulations to all of YOU for contributing to these activities and making this possible.

We also earned the STAR council award which will be presented later. You can see our council name listed as a recent of the award in the latest Columbian magazine.


State K of C Receives CareNet Award

Spring 2012

The State of Indiana Knights of Columbus was presented the CareNet Award for their purchase of the state’s first ultrasound machine.

Tony Shriner & Mike Nygra with the CareNet Award.

The machine was donated with funds raised by various Indiana K of C Councils with Sir Knight Mike Nygra spearheading the effort.

The Mooresville facility of CareNet was the 1st in the State of Indiana to receive this vital equipment. It is used to help women in crisis pregnancies see the life growing inside her and choose life for her unborn child.

CareNet Pregnancy Centers of Central Indiana has 3 locations; Martinsville, Mooresville and Whiteland. Care Net Pregnancy Centers of Central Indiana, Inc. is non-profit organization dedicated to serving those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy or pregnancy related circumstances. Founded in 1997, they have been providing loving, compassionate support to everyone they serve. All of services are confidential and free of charge. Additional information about CareNet Pregnancy Centers of Center Indiana can be found at:



April 2010

Worthy Brother Knights,

This year's winners are:

  • MOST OUTSTANDING COUNICL ACTIVITYKnow It All at Noll Hall Trivia Extravaganza

  • MOST OUTSTANDING CHURCH ACTIVITY100 Miles to Haiti Charity Fundraising Bicycle Tour

MOST OUTSTANDING COUNICL ACTIVITYKnow It All at Noll Hall Trivia Extravaganza

     The purpose of this activity is to come together in unity and fraternity with the brothers of our council and to raise money for various charitable activities.

A bird's eye view of a full house attending the 2010 Know It All At Noll Hall Trivia Extravaganza.

The St. Malachy K of C 12540 Master of Ceremonies Mike Waters.

     Put your thinking caps on! What one event generates more anticipation, more excitement, more scholarship money, and more brain-aches that any other activity in Brownsburg, Indiana? It’s the annual ''Know-It-All @ Noll Hall'' Trivia Extravaganza of course! Teams of adults come together to compete as a group by answering questions in different categories like music, science, sports, geography, and others. While enjoying conversations and debates with friends and family at the tables, the participants are also provided with snacks, beverages, pizza, and the opportunity to buy into raffles and other legal games of chance. Each new category of questions starts with a sheet of answer blanks for the table so the team has time to review and come up with their best answers before the round ends. When all teams have turned in their papers, the next category can begin and the scorers will post the results on a big board for all to see. Mid-way through the next round, the answers to the previous category are announced and are greeted with many cheers, boos, and the occasional groan from someone who got talked out of a right answer. At the end of the night, with the final scores tabulated, the winning team is announced and prizes are awarded. Although each member of the winning team gets gift certificates to local establishments, the best prize of all is the ''Braggin’ Rights'' they own until the next year.

Teams deliberate over their answers.

And the winning team is...

     Originally created as a way just to fund our local scholarships in 2004, the event has grown by leaps and bounds. After adjusting the date, the number of players per team, and the admission price, this fundraiser has become the largest 1-day income-producing event for the St. Malachy Council. Since the inaugural year we were able to increase both the size and the number of the scholarships we awarded, and we generate revenue to fund many other charitable activities.

MOST OUTSTANDING CHURCH ACTIVITY100 Miles to Haiti Charity Fundraising Bicycle Tour

     The purpose of this activity is to raise funds to pay for an addition of 8 class rooms, library, and bathrooms to Ste. Theresa School at Ste. Marguerite Parish in Port Margot Haiti.

The St. Malachy K of C 12540 Bike Team pose for a picture before beginning the 2009 event.

     Our bike team of riders solicited financial pledges after all Masses over a two-week period for this 100-mile ride. For any donation of $100.00 or more, the donor would receive a Tee Shirt. The Council had purchased the Tee shirts, so all the funds went Haiti. Tom F. led us off early on Saturday with the first decade of the Rosary at St. Malachy. Paul Z. presented a gift from St. Margaurite Parish for the 1st ride: a beautiful image of the church that is a combination of painting and inlaid wood. This inspired the riders, which we needed against the wind. We rode West then South to SR 136 and headed toward Crawfordsville. Tom's son Kenny met us at the parish and led us in another rosary decade, continuing with the Joyful Mysteries. It was the parish festival and events were just getting started. I am not sure if it was coincidence or our motley appearance, but the local sheriff came by and parked his car near us. Maybe he needed to keep a close eye on the spandex-wearing bikers. We headed off in a South/Southeast direction toward Ladoga with either a crosswind or slight tailwind. Next stop: Roachdale. We saw the entire Roachdale police force go by with sirens and lights. It was exciting times in Roachdale. I wonder how a town gets a name like that. We continued on to North Salem. Next stop: Danville. After the near-miss, the ride was thankfully uneventful. At Mary Queen of Peace, another rosary decade was recited, this time led by Chris. We were cold, tired, wet and thinking of home. We changed the route due to road construction and headed back toward St Malachy. The energy and enthusiasm increased since we were getting close to home and the wind was now pushing. Tom led us in a victory lap around St Malachy parking lot just as people were arriving for 5:30 mass. Through the pledges and donations, this “100 Miles to Haiti” ride raised $2,500. The overall goal was to raise $13,000 which will be used to add eight more class rooms, a library, bathrooms and electricity to Ste. Theresa School at Ste. Marguerite Parish, Port Margot Haiti . Total Miles: 102.13 Ride Time: 6:21 Ave Speed: 16.09mph Max Speed: 27.97mph.

Several of the school children pose in their classroom at Ste Marguerite Parish School.



April 2009

Worthy Brother Knights,

Apr 2009 From left to right:  District Deputy Mike Worden, Grand Knight Gene Barnard, Paul Zielinski, and Chancellor Bob Uhrick pose with Council 12540's awards.
From left to right: District Deputy Mike Worden, Grand Knight Gene Barnard, Paul Zielinski, and Chancellor Bob Uhrick pose with Council 12540's awards.

We are Christ on Earth!!! Throughout the gospels, Jesus calls us to be his hands and continue his work and to build up his church on earth. Anything good that we may do is absolutely no credit of our own. Through the gifts and talents that God has blessed us with and the strength and courage he gives us to use them in our world, he must receive any and all glory that we receive as a Knights of Columbus council or as individuals.

As you look at these awards for community and youth activities or any others that we have been blessed to receive over our years, it is my hope that you will think of the lives you have touched. The children of families who we have provided gifts for at Christmas, a wheel chair bound women who may now leave her home due to a newly built ramp, countless people feed by our garden, how about the joy in those beautiful faces of our Special Olympic athletes at a rain soaked July 4th parade or as they receive funds from our tootsie roll drive to compete at the games. Think of the young men who were given hope by our visits to the Plainfield boy’s facility, the walls for homes built and shipped to Mississippi as we partnered with Habitat for Humanity or the thousands of dollars in support of youth through our scholarship program.

Think of the love grown through family activities such as the steak fry’s or family potluck dinners, family Christmas parties, Turkey Run canoe trips, or our Family of the month program.

Think of the fraternity strengthened through council activities like Knight Bowl, Golf outings, fish fry’s, pancake breakfasts or Victory field concessions.

Think of the faith shared through our church activities such as First Friday Rosaries, Eucharistic Adoration, Catholic men’s conferences and St. Meinrad men’s retreats, country fare parking, or praying together at Mass.

This is who we are. This is what we are about.

Awards are nothing more than a snapshot of years of pictures and memories. Weather we have them or not we will hold the memories in our hearts of the people who’s lives we have touched and who’s lives have touched ours! We are Christ on earth!!!

The winners are:



  • MOST OUTSTANDING YOUTH ACTIVITY4th of July Parade with Special Olympics


Gene Barnard
Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council #12540



September 2008


For the 9th straight year our council has received the STAR COUNCIL AWARD. This award is the highest honor a council can receive and can not be achieved without all of us working together to maintain the high standard that the past leadership of this council has set.

Sep 15, 2008 Star Council Award presentation, accepted by Grand Knight Gene Barnard and Council 12540's First Degree Team.
District Deputy Mike Worden presents Star Council Award to Grand Knight Gene Barnard of St. Malachy Council 12540 along with members of the council's First Degree Team on September 15, 2008. Pictured from left to right are Mike Nygra, Greg Fry, DD Mike Worden, GK Gene Barnard, Joe Miller, Larry Garetto, and Bob Caliotte. Kneeling are Rich Mroz (l) and Scott Miller (r).

This award belongs to all of us. I would like to thank specifically the degree team. Without this team it would be very difficult to maintain our membership goal, which is based on a percentage of our council membership. Being able to bring our new members into the organization right here at our own Parish has been a huge advantage to our membership goals. There are also programming requirements to consider and thanks to all of our wonderful directors, chairs and other active members these have never been a problem to achieve. This truly is an award that we should all be proud of and take pride in the fact that you personally had a hand in it.

Congratulations are in order for all of you who recruited a new member last fraternal year and promoted the Knights of Columbus in a positive way.

Gene Barnard
Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council #12540


St. Malachy Council Receives THREE Awards from the 2008 Indiana KofC State Convention

May 2008


A quick update from the 2008 K of C Indiana State Convention which was held in April. Our council came away with several awards as follows:

  • Tootsie Roll Program - Second Place: In 2007 our council's Tootsie Roll Drive generated the second largest amount of donations within the entire state of Indiana. Proceeds directly benefitted Hendricks County Special Olympics, Sycamore Services, and SPRED.
  • State Community Activity Award - Second Place: This award is in recognition of our Community Garden Project (Director = Gene Barnard). Our garden generated over 2,000 lbs of produce which we donated to Second Helpings in Indianapolis, who feeds the needy on a daily basis.
  • Family Activity Award - FIRST PLACE: Our winning event this year was our potluck dinner/family fun night (Director = Bob Uhrick).

May 2008 Family Award presentation by GK Jeff Gaerke to Bob Uhrick.
GK Jeff Gaerke presents the 2008 Family Activity Award - First Place Plaque in recognition of our First Annual Potluck Dinner/Family Fun Night to Bob Uhrick.

May 2008 Outstanding Community Activity Award Second Place presentation by GK Jeff Gaerke to Jim Murphy.
GK Jeff Gaerke presents the 2008 Outstanding Community Activity Award - Second Place certificate in recognition of our Community Garden Project to Jim Murphy.

We are extremely blessed as a council to have many members who continue to bring up good ideas for activities that improve our communities and bring our families closer together, and a council that works together to turn these ideas into reality!

Congrats to all involved!

Jeff Gaerke
Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council #12540



September 2007

GK Jeff Gaerke (left) and DD/PGK Mike 'Big Cat' Worden (right) show off Council 12540's DOUBLE STAR COUNCIL Award - Sep 2007.

Brothers, at our meeting on 9/17, our District Deputy, Mike Worden, presented our council with our 8th CONSECUTIVE STAR COUNCIL AWARD. This is the highest award presented to a council and we have received this award every year since our council was formed in 1999.

To receive this award, a council must complete and submit all of the various forms that are due throughout the year, it must conduct at least 4 activities each in the areas of church, community, council, family and youth, and it must achieve quotas for membership and insurance members. As you can see, receiving this award is an indication that many different aspects of a council are working well.

In some ways, I believe that we as a council take receiving this award for granted – because we have always done it. To get an idea for the significance of what we have done, I checked with our State Program Director, Lawrence Fluhr, to understand how many councils typically receive the Star Council Award. He informed me that 10-15% of the councils in Indiana receive this award each year. He also stated that Council 12540 is the only council among the 160 active councils in Indiana to have received the Star Council Award every year for the past 8 years! Congratulations!

Although receiving these awards is an honor, the award is not our goal. If we as a council simply continue to direct our actions and activities towards the principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism set in place by our founder Fr. Michael J. McGivney 125 years ago, we will be doing the right things, members will want to join our council, and we will be successful regardless of how the awards fall out.

It takes a LOT of Brothers working together to have a successful Council. I would like to focus on our directors, the guys that do so much of the behind the scenes work of planning and organizing the many activities that make our council what it is. Our directors are as follows:

  • Program ~ Gene Barnard
  • Community ~ Kevin Coleman
  • Council ~ Steve Sauer
  • Family ~ Bob Uhrick
  • Pro Life ~ Mike Nygra
  • Church ~ Chad Jasper
  • Youth ~ Mark Kramer
  • Membership = Jeff Duncan

I would like to thank each of them for their effort and dedication.

At the beginning of the year we met as a group to assemble our overall plan for the year’s activities. We were fortunate to have a great list of recurring activities to build on and they added several new activities that are planned for the year. Please refer to the list of activities planned for the next few months and pencil in the activities that you/your family would like to participate in. If you have additional activities that you would like to propose, please contact the appropriate director.

It’s hard to believe that it has been a full three months since installation of officers – with the awesome support from the team of officers, directors, and members that we have – I look forward to the remaining nine months.

God Bless,
Jeff Gaerke
Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council #12540


St. Malachy Council Takes Home TWO Awards from the 2007 Indiana KofC State Convention

July 2007

GK Mike 'Big Cat' Worden (right) and DGK Jeff Gaerke (left) display Council 12540's Indiana State Convention Awards for Best Family Event and Best Community Event with a State official.

There was a lot of information given out at the State Convention this past Spring. History and progress were discussed and goals were set out for membership, insurance, and programming at all levels. After the opening session, there was plenty of time to discuss the details of programs and to pick up materials at the more than 20 booths available on Saturday afternoon. I was granted permission to hang some banners and posters in the main hall that were made by St Malachy students to greet all the participants. These were the creations you may have seen at our Fish Fry and Breakfast that congratulated the Knights of Columbus on its 125th anniversary. There were lots of people taking photos and I got several positive comments from other convention-goers.

However, I want to tell you about the most significant event that happened at the convention in regards to our Council. As you know, we have 5 main program areas in which we hold several events each year (Church, Community, Council, Family, and Youth). What you may not know is that each Council is requested to send in a report about their best activities for the year, and the State selects the one in each category that is declared the best in the State.

In the Spring of 2006, we were thrilled to receive one of these awards for having the BEST Council event - KnightBowl. This year, the men and families of St. Malachy Council were honored by being selected as winners in TWO (2) of these categories!!! Out of all the reports submitted by all councils in the State, the winners are:

  • "Family Fun Day at Turkey Run" - BEST FAMILY EVENT (Director - Mark Alexander)
  • "Habitat Build and Dinner" - BEST COMMUNITY EVENT (Director - Gene Barnard)

Both of these activity reports have been forwarded on and will compete against winners from other States and internationally at the Supreme Convention in August. Keep your fingers crossed!

Hopefully you have seen these awards prominently displayed in our award area (i.e. above the coat rack) at church. The numerous awards, in a variety of categories, show a lot of balance in the growth and success of this young Council. It is great to be a part of such a strong and vibrant group of Catholic men. Keep up the good work!

Mike "Big Cat" Worden
Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council #12540


Supreme Names Council 12540 "Star Council" for the 7th Year in a Row

September 2006

We recently received notice that we were awarded Supreme’s Star Council Award. This signifies our being in the highest levels in each of the 3 key areas of Membership growth, Insurance & Investment growth, and Service Programs. Only councils who exceed Supreme goal levels in ALL three areas are granted this designation each year.

It is a high honor for ANY council to achieve, and WE have done it for SEVEN YEARS IN A ROW! (2000 - 2006)

GK Mike 'Big Cat' Worden recieves Council 12540's SEVENTH CONSECUTIVE Star Council Award from District Deputy Paul Zielinski.

Throughout the website and newsletters you can see reports on some of the annual events we recently held, but don’t forget that we have many more opportunities to get involved. There are multitudes of ways to help out the Parish at Country Fare, and our monthly KofC Pancake Breakfasts began in October. Even if you can’t work these events, bring your families and friends and spend money to help worthy causes. Of course we continue to hold some traditional events like the Steak Fry, the bonfire/hayride, the Christmas party, Know-it-All, Knight Bowl, the Tootsie Roll Drive and the Lenten fish-frys, but we are also seeing new events like the summer Turkey Run outing and a Habitat for Humanity day (among others).

There’s something for everyone in this Council, and it’s a great privilege to be a member of this group and a part of the team. I can’t say whether it will be another award-winning year as far as the State or Supreme is concerned, but I know I’m looking forward to another year of continued growth in membership, service, spirituality, and fun!

Mike "Big Cat" Worden
Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council #12540


Council 12540 Recognized at Indiana State Convention

April 2006

At the 105th Annual Indiana State Convention St. Malachy Council 12540 was honored with the following awards:


Supreme Names Council 12540 "Star Council" for the 6th Year in a Row

September 2005

Recently, St. Malachy Council #12540 was designated by Supreme as a Star Council and a plaque was presented jointly to Mike Worden (GK) and Larry Garetto (PGK) at the September 5th meeting. While you can see the plaque proudly displayed in the KofC area of the hallway near the Nursery at church, I thought it would be good to give the details about why we were chosen for this special honor.

PGK Larry Garetto, GK Mike Worden, District Deputy Paul Zielinski.

Every year, the Supreme Office sets goals in 3 main areas (activities, membership, & insurance) and rewards those councils that meet or exceed those goals with the following separate classifications. First, the Columbian Award goes to those councils that document a minimum of 4 activities in EACH of the program areas (Church, Community, Council, Family, & Youth). Secondly, the Father McGivney Award goes to those councils that show growth of at least 5% in membership. This is determined by counting new members (not transfers in) over and above the amount needed just to keep even with transfers out and withdrawals. With a council of over 200 men, this could be quite a challenge. Finally, the Founders' Award is granted to those councils who show growth of at least 2.5% in the number of insurance (or investment) members.

In a recent publication, I saw a listing of the results for the 161 Councils (~150 active) in the State of Indiana with letters after the council numbers to show which of the awards they won. 74 councils had a letter after their name (which means over half of the councils did not meet ANY of those goals). Most had C's and a lot had M's and there were a few F's, while seventeen showed success by having two letters.

Then, there are the STAR Councils. Supreme reserves this award for those outstanding Councils that meet the goals in ALL THREE of the areas. In the entire State of Indiana last year, there were only 16 Star Councils! I don't know statistics on repeat years, but were you aware that this is the SIXTH YEAR IN A ROW that we have earned this designation? This is a testatment to all the members who put in lots of time and effort and to the officers (past and present) who also promote and document what we do. You should be very proud of this accomplishment and also very motivated to keep the streak going. Whether you are a charter member, or just joined last month, I hope you realize now that you are part of an exceptional group. With your help, we can continue along this successful path.

Mike "Big Cat" Worden
Grand Knight
Knights of Columbus
St. Malachy Council #12540

Supreme Names Council 12540 "Star Council" for the 5th Year in a Row

September 2004

Once again Supreme Knight Carl Anderson sends his congratulations to our council as we are named Star Council for the fraternal year 2003-2004. Our council earned this prestigious award FIVE YEARS IN A ROW!

This recognition would not be bestowed upon our council if it were not for the actions of our members.

Since we have the momemtum in our favor, let's see if we can achieve this level of success again next year!

Supreme Names Council 12540 "Star Council" for the 4th Year in a Row

September 2003

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson sends his congratulations to our council as we are named Star Council for the fraternal year 2002-2003. Our council earned this prestigious award FOUR YEARS IN A ROW!

Clearly this award is a sign that our members are doing something right. We consistently demonstrate our commitment to the principals of our order: Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. We strive to serve Christ's Church, our priests, and our community, and always offer a hand to help those in need.

View the press release in Adobe PDF format by clicking here:

Star Council 2003 Press Release.pdf

To our members, thank you for your time and talent. We would not be successful without you! To our non-members, would you consider joining us to help build a better council so that we may continue to serve for many years to come?

State Awards Council 12540 High Honors

April 2003

We are very proud to announce that our Council was presented with the Santa Maria award at the 102nd Indiana State Convention held in Indianapolis in April 2003. Our council earned this prestigious award THREE YEARS IN A ROW!

Once again, we would not have this award if it were not for the efforts of our members who unselfishly give of themselves to reach out and help others in need. This award belongs to YOU!

State and Supreme Bestows Awards upon Council 12540

April 2002

We are very proud to announce that our Council was presented with the Santa Maria award at the 101st Indiana State Convention held in Indianapolis in April 2002. Our coucil earned this prestigious award TWO YEARS IN A ROW!

We are also very proud to announce that our Council earned the honors of Star Council for the fraternal year 2001-2002! What makes this honor truly amazing is that our council reached this level for THREE CONSECUTIVE YEARS!

To our members...WOW! Achieving these magnificent awards would not have been possible without your help. To non-members...We are a vibrant, growing, and enthusiasitc young organization. We ask you to prayerfully consider joining us to build upon our past successes.

Council 12540 Lauded for Hosting Major Degrees
This letter was sent by our District Deputy regarding our hosting of the Major Degrees in October 2001.

Monday, October 29, 2001

Worthy State Ceremonials Chairman Doug Adams:

Major Degrees held at St. Malachy, Brownsburg, Sunday 10/28/01:

  1. 36 candidates
  2. 60 members in support of candidates
  3. Degree Teams: 2nd, SE Indiana; 3rd St Joe: Overall performance = 9.5
  4. Host Council St Malachy: facilities, manpower of 20, meal, Host performance = 10.0

3rd Degree Team Captain Hank C DD9: "In my 20 years of Major degree work, I have never seen as many members present in support of the candidates".

Should Star Council, St. Malachy request assignment of a Major Degree Date in 2002, I highly recommend that that request be granted.

Vivat Jesus!

John Obst
District Deputy 23

c. Dale Heger
    Bob Lynch
    Ted Frankowski

Council 12540 Places Third in 2000-2001 International Service Program Competition!
Our Grand Knight, Ted Frankowski, received the following letter from our Supreme Knight congratualting our council on its recent INTERNATIONAL accomplishment.

August 10, 2001

Worthy Grand Knight and Dear Brother Zielinski,

May I extend my warmest congratulations to you as Grand Knight and to the members of and families of St. Malachy Council 12540 for having been selected as a third place winner in the 2000-2001 International Service Program Awards competition. Your winning entry in the Family Activities category was recognized as being among the "Best of the Best" of Knights of Columbus programs submitted by councils Orderwide. You are to be congratulated for this outstanding achievement.

As a third place finisher, a description of your program was included in the Supreme Secretary's Report at the recently concluded Supreme Council meeting. This record of the convention will carry a permanent account of your council's acheivement.

We have arranged with our supplier to forward your award to your state deputy who will coordinate an appropriate presentation ceremony to mark the council's accomplishment. He will contact you to make those arrangements directly.

Again let me offer my personal contgratulations. I urge your council to strive to live up to the high ideals you've set in years to come. Wishing you continued success, I am,


Carl A. Anderson
Supreme Knight

Council 12540 Recieves High Honors at State Convention!
Our Grand Knight, Paul Zielinski, wrote the following letter to our members and to our community regarding the exciting news from the recent Indiana State Convention held in Indianapolis in April 2001.

April 29, 2001

Praise to our risen Lord Jesus Christ!

At the 100th Indiana State Convention our Council was presented the following awards:

  1. Santa Maria: Only 14 Councils to achieve this level.
  2. Family Activity Award: Our Christmas Party was judged to be the Best Family Program during the 2000 - 2001 fraternal year.
  3. PSD, FSS Richard Scheiber Award: Highest percent increase in membership.
  4. Father Michael J. McGivney Vocation Award: Sponsored vocations week activities.

The Scheiber Award and Fr. McGivney Award are traveling trophies. Council 12540 will be engraved on these plaques that we keep until next year's convention.

Words cannot express my pride in our council, every officer, every service program director, and every member. I was truly honored to receive these magnificent rewards on your behalf.

Bob Lynch, Indiana State Deputy made special mention of our council several times during the convention. Many of the other Councils also offer you their congratulations. Council 12540 was the only council to receive this many awards. Everyone was asking: "How could a two year old council accomplish so much?" My only explanation was we are blessed with a great membership. Our men and their families are very active and really live the guiding principles of the order: Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.

Our District Deputy, John Obst, was also recognized as having the district with the highest percent membership increase. He sends you his thanks and congratulations.

Thank you brother Knights for all the work you did! What a great year! Special thanks to Ted Frankowski and Rich Miller for their tremendous work. I can't think of an activity you didn't have a hand in. Thank you for getting all the forms submitted on time. All those forms were a pain, but they were essential.

Thank you Charlie & Sharon Testerman, Kirk Smith, Tom Albert, and Dan Stephens for being at this year's convention.

Thank you Father Dan Staublin, our Chaplain, and Father Russ Zint for your prayers and support.

Thank you for letting me serve you as Grand Knight.

Vivat Jesus!

Paul Zielinski
Grand Knight
St. Malachy Council No. 12540
Star Council Award Recipient!
Our District Deputy, John Obst, presented our Council with the Star Council Award at a recent business meeting. We recieved the following letter from our Supreme Knight:

July 2000

Mr. Paul A. Zielinski
CO. 12540 - Grand Knight (1999-2000)

Dear Brother Knight,

Please accept my personal and heartfelt congratulations to you and to the officers and members of your council, on earning the honors of Star Council for the 1999-2000 fraternal year!

Achieving this prestigious award ranks your council among the top 12% of the Councils in the Order, and gives evidence of your collective dedication to the principles and aims of the Knights of Columbus. My fellow Supreme Officers and members of the Board of Directors join me in conveying these congratulations to you, with our deep appreciation for all you have accomplished.

We have arranged with our supplier to have your Star Council Award prepared and forwarded to your District Deputy, and I have asked that this award be presented to the Council at a suitable occasion. In addition to this award, your name and that of your Council will be listed in the September edition of Columbia magazine, along with the other distinguished Star Council Award recipients.

May this award be a treasured reminder of the Council's efforts this past fraternal year in promoting the ideals of Columbianism, for the good of the Church and the community. Again, I congratulate you on attaining this honor, and encourage you to strive to earn Star Council status again in the 2000-2001 fraternal year.

With best wishes, I am


Virgil C. Dechant
Supreme Knight
We wish to thank our membership for their many combined hours of service to our Parish and community. Without your loving efforts, we would not have been able to achieve the high level of success. We look forward to prosperity and growth in the following year!
Thanks for Hosting Major Degrees
Our District Deputy, John Obst, sent us the following message regarding our hosting of Second and Third Degree ceremonies on Sunday, October 29, 2000:
Sunday, October 29, 2000

Paul Zielinski Grand Knight
St. Malachy Council 12540

Worthy Grand Knight Paul:

Kudos again to you and the St. Malachy Council team for hosting an excellent
major degrees today. The facilities, environment, food, and hospitality were
superb! It is a delight to all of us in the neighboring councils and in the
State Council family to observe the energy and effectiveness of the Star
Council that you truly are. The exemplary write-up in last weeks Criterion
of your right-to-life monument dedication is just one of the many examples
of excellent council activity, energy, accomplishments, and leadership.

May Our Blessed Lady continue to care for and hold in her hands St. Malachy
Council of Brownsburg.

John Obst
District Deputy 23

cc: State Deputy, Ceremonials Chairman
Need to Know - Upcoming Major Events !

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