Monument, Facing West towards the school.

St. Malachy parishioners want to remind everyone who visits their church that "all human life, from conception to natural death, is a sacred gift from God."

That's the message engraved on a new stone monument in front of the main entrance to the church.

The monument was donated by the St. Malachy Knights of Columbus Council 12540 as a memorial to the unborn and a visual statement of the Catholic Church's pro-life beliefs.

On October 8, 2000 Father Daniel Staublin, pastor, blessed the pro-life monument in a brief ceremony after the noon Mass while members of the Knights of Columbus in formal dress stood at attention near the memorial.

"This stone has been erected as a sign of our faith and belief in the sanctity of life," Father Staublin said in a prayer before the blessing. "Let all who pass this way and cast their gaze on this monument be reminded that all life is a gift from God. May those who pause here remember in prayer all who have gone before us in faith."

"May they also pray for a greater respect for all human life," he said. "May this outward sign move our hearts to appreciate your life in us that begins with conception and ends when You have called us to our eternal reward. We now bless this stone with the water of Your life. Receive our prayers, our intentions, and our faith. With You all things are possible, for You are the way to everlasting life. "

The ceremony reflected the parish mission statement, which reads, "We, the church of St. Malachy, affirm our mission as a growing Christian community to make real the teachings of Christ in the Roman Catholic traditions. This shall be accomplished through the power of God, the love of Jesus, and the prayers, involvement and commitment of all parishioners."

After the blessing, Father Staublin noted that the monument was placed in a central location in front of the church to call attention to life issues.

"It's an outward expression of our community of faith and how important the sanctity of life is, " he said. "We wanted to put it in a prominent place so that anybody who walks on our property and comes through our doors is going to see it and be reminded that it is an important piece of faith for us."

Father Russell Zint, associate pastor, discussed the importance of supporting life issues during the homily at the weekend Masses, then he assisted with the monument blessing.

"I think sometimes life issues can be treated as out-of-sight, out-of-mind," Father Zint said. "The monument serves as a reminder all the time, as people come to Mass or school, that life issues are important to us as Catholic Christians, and life in all its forms -- from the unborn to the elderly to folks who are oppressed -- all forms of life, are precious gifts of God."

Paul Zielinski, Grand Knight of St. Malachy Knights of Columbus Council 12540, said the monument makes a bold and lasting pro-life statement.

"This will be a symbol for the people here at St. Malachy to remember to pray for the children who are the victims of abortions, to pray for the families who are dealing with abortion and to pray for the troubled mothers," Zielinski said. "It's also a reminder to pray for our country to have a change of heart so that we will change our laws to support the right to life and affirm that all life is sacred from conception until natural death."

Text by Mary Ann Wyand, printed in The Criterion, Friday, October 13, 2000.

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Monument, Facing West towards the school.

Monument, Facing East towards the church.

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