National City Bank Protest and Prayer Event Update
Oct 28, 2008

Great news!!! I spent time on the phone this afternoon with Michael Joyce, Retail Market Executive with National City Bank. After spending a few minutes discussing my concerns with NCB's financial support of Planned Parenthood, Mr. Joyce, who was very professional and very genuine in my opinion, indicated that NCB has heard loud and clear from customers (and even their own employees) across the state regarding our outrage at their support of PP. Mr. Joyce mentioned by name the number of letters and phone calls he has received from the Knights of Columbus. Mr. Joyce indicated that he has discussed this financial support and our response at length with NCB State President Steve Stitle and he told me that he can almost guarantee that this support will not be continued next year. He promised me that this support will NOT receive his vote (these decisions are voted on by a board). We achieved success in pulling money away from Planned Parenthood.

ALL PRAISE TO JESUS CHRIST AND NONE TO OUR OWN EFFORTS. It is only through his grace that this victory was achieved.

My deepest gratitude to all who contributed to our success, those who made phone calls and wrote letters, those who closed accounts and most of all those who prayed for our success.

Let's not rest on our laurels. Let this be the opening salvo in a renewed effort to put an end to the "culture of death" and restore the 'culture of life' in our communities, in our state and in our nation.

Mike Nygra
St. Malachy Knights of Columbus
Pro-Life Chairman

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